Who We Are

Miss Uganda is a leadership platform for ambitious young Ugandan women. Through a pageantry process, contestants receive world-renowned coaching in addition to advanced networking, business and life skills. Beautiful, diverse and powerful, these women are shaped into celebrated ambassadors of our country; role models with voices that resonate and brands that inspire 365 days a year.

Isn’t it unbelievable that Uganda has been crowning beauty queens since 1967? The first Miss Uganda was called Rosemary Salmon, and she was crowned in 1967. (ED: Rosemary is Sharon Salmon (former member of the Obsessions’ grandmother). And yes, she flew to London for Miss World. Since then, this pageant has transitioned from a social event where one young lady emerges winner, to a tradition. Beauty queens have gone on to represent Uganda at Miss World, engaged in charity projects and a number of them are now having great careers.


Miss Uganda is an inclusive and accessible brand that welcomes young Ugandan women of all backgrounds, appearances, belief systems. We empower these talented young women to achieve their full potential and realise their dreams.

Miss Uganda is not a once-off event. But a platform and a leading voice on female empowerment and a launchpad for much-needed social change.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Diversity & Beauty

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