Sylvia Namutebi Allibhai

My Story & Qualification


I served as Miss Uganda in 2011 and recently was the Miss Uganda Project coordinator for the years 2018 and 2019.I have dedicated so many years of my life working with different charity causes around the country and also working with the Miss Uganda Foundation were we pioneered the project to eradicate Jiggers from the Busoga region of Uganda in 2012.I have worked with children living with disabilities, Families affected by the HIV pandemic and of recent I started the SMile With Sly Project aimed at helping single mothers and young people affected by the Corona virus pandemic, in addition this project will also aim to raise awareness geared towards safe motherhood in marginalized communities of Uganda, this project is in partnership with the Talent africa Foundation where I am a Director,I like to use my position in adding my voice to the under represented so as to create real solutions to problems we face as a community

Bachelor of Human Resource Management and International Business

I am a marketing and business strategist by profession and I run my own private consultancy firm,I'm also a Director of Special Events at Talent Africa Group. I Enjoy working with children and the youth, helping them reach their full potential in various aspects of education, entrepreneurship or self esteem and confidence building

Charity enthusiast, Events ,Business and working with Girls