Stellah Nantumbwe

My Story & Qualification


Being part of the Miss Uganda family has been and is still one of the biggest Honors of my life. At 23, I embarked on a journey that helped me further my aspirations and dreams which were extremely vast. Back then, I was unsure on which path to follow as I had so many directions I wanted my life to take. Each dream and aspiration was carefully nurtured in on way or another by the Miss Uganda Foundation and their support has been immensely influential in what has now become a vision board for my life.

Through the Miss Uganda foundation and as reigning queen, I was able to participate in several social projects that included , HIV/AIDS, the plight of Orphans, Teenagers , and several mentorship projects. I went on to venture into the entertainment industry as an actress. This saw me go on to star in, Theatre, TV series and movies with renown Directors both in Uganda and Nigeria. I took a step back from my love from entertainment to pursue a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with HEC Paris as Business has been my first love since a tender age, inspired by my mother’s drive and love for her business and her ability to raise 5 children and educate them solely off her hard work and the Grace of God. I was also inspired and encouraged further by the Miss Uganda custodians to pursue further education alongside my entrepreneurial dreams and BSc.

Am eternally grateful to God, my mother, my partner and the Miss Uganda Family for launching my careers. As a multi-hyphenate, it takes a village to nurture and grow each and everyone of my talents into professions. I wish future queens and past queens all the best in their future endeavors.