Leah Kalanguka

My Story & Qualification


I was crowned miss Uganda 2014 in my final year at Makerere University where I graduated as a professional Computer Engineer. I am a fashion designer, a makeup artist, a model, a motivational speaker, an online English tutor and I am currently working as cabin crew with our national career, a profession that I am newly qualified in and has allowed me to continue serving my country.

Bachelor of Computer Engineer

I am a very diverse person professionally which has helped me grow my creativity, my personal skills and professional skills. That’s what makes me special. My achievements haven’t all come easily. Like any good fairytale, failure and effort have played their part in my story. I became a role model for many young people by promoting Agriculture and Entrepreneurship amongst the youth. This was my primary role during my reign and so I was able to visit schools, institutions, communities and also take part in different entrepreneur events organized by different companies including the US embassy to promote Agriculture and Entrepreneur- ship as a means to job creation and eradicating poverty

As Miss Uganda, I was able to work with my fellow queens from all over the world by supporting each other on our different Miss World projects in our different countries and also showing up for each other in order to make the world a better place. Life after Miss Uganda is still great because I carried all that I learned as queen with me even after my reign. As the saying goes, once a queen, always a queen