Zahara Nakiyaga

My Story & Qualification


Wow its almost 6 years but like any Major mile- stone in life The memories are still vivid i looked at the Crown as a platform to do me which I wasn’t sure of then but With time You realise the bigger picture and slowly gravitate towards that and find the balance While finding that balance I tried not to let the Crown change my personality but rather help me better my self. I had so much fun traveled,worked with and besides a great deal of good people. *I got to be the Mirinda brand ambassador (green apple meant Zahara) *Mirinda miss teen judge for 2seasons (thank you PEPSI/CBL) *UNNA CAUSES ambassador 2016 *my beloved SPECIAL CHILDREN SPECIAL PEOPLE *Academy of queens Several outreaches in different communities around the country to mention but a few ALL of which am super proud and extremely grateful for they made my reign worth while and opened imaginable doors.

Like any job the crown comes with its ups and downs pageantry isn’t for the faint hearted do not let the poise,confidence and all other attributing factors let you think otherwise sometimes you have to hold it all together with a tiny bobby pin and get the job done. And through this one needs a supportive family good friends to make it through all which i was blessed to have. With time i only hope the public,fans & media extensively understand the task bestowed on the crown bearer and collectively help them run a good race rather than seek,dwell and only prioritize their short comings to make buzz only then will we achieve even greater milestones

For those thinking of embarking on this journey we were all once like you the only difference is we took up the challenge.don’t just take my word for it try it and remember all that matters is you Do your best & leave the rest to Allah